Walk or Wheel challenge a great success!

The Walk or Wheel (WoW) Challenge has wrapped up in the Madison area with some truly impressive results. The WoW Challenge engaged sixteen elementary and middle schools in Dane County and encouraged students to walk or wheel to and from school for a chance for their school to win $1,000.

3,479 students participated by walking or wheeling to school during this two week period. We were really excited to see all of the support from parents, teachers, community leaders, and students resulting in 51% mode-share for walking and biking during the WoW Challenge. It was also great to see the various solutions each school came up with showing the importance of creating localized solutions. For example, schools that see a high percentage of students who are bused were able to empower those children to participate by having buses drop the students off down the street and having the kids walk several blocks to and from school. Parents at other schools created walking school buses or bicycle parades to ensure that kids made it to school on time.

And the Madison area winners are:
Olson with a 97% participation rate
Waldorf with 78% participating
Marquette with 72% participating

The winning school in Sun Prairie was Creekside with 57% of their students walking or wheeling to school. Both Olson and Creekside will be receiving $1,000.00 cash prizes for their achievements!

Other schools reported some remarkable results as well. VanHise was able to get 45% of their students walking to and from school. Shorewood reported the highest number of their students bicycling to school with 26%. As a reward, Shorewood will be receiving a new bike rack from Saris.

The WoW challenge was an excellent starting point to get students in the habit of walking and riding to school. Our goal is that this becomes a habit and as these children grow up, they see walking and riding their bikes as viable forms of transportation.

One thought on “Walk or Wheel challenge a great success!

  1. This was a great program – our school got really into it! We tried a bike train and we’re going to try getting it going again in spring.

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