Vote Delayed, Bike Tax Proposed

  Yesterday, the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee tossed us a couple of curve balls. First, they postponed the scheduled vote on Complete Streets and TAP from this Thursday until sometime next week. Second, they’ve introduced a new wrinkle into the debate: a tax on bikes. What’s being proposed is a one time $25 registration fee, [...]

Wisconsin Drops in State Rankings

  Wisconsin dropped from 3rd to 9th in the latest Bicycle Friendly State rankings from the League of American Bicyclists. The rankings, released today, pointed to Governor Scott Walker’s proposed state budget as the main reason for the fall. “Governor Walker has proposed a repeal of the Wisconsin Complete Streets law, cuts to state funding [...]

Update on State Budget Issues

You may be wondering what happened to our issues in the state budget. The answer is nothing yet. The budget is still working its way through the legislative process. It remains in the Joint Committee on Finance, which is taking it up piece by piece. The committee started working on the budget last week and [...]