Big win in Green Bay

  They say you can’t fight city hall. Maybe not, but the Green Bay Bicycle Collective has just shown that you can work with city hall and make great progress. Last week the Green Bay City Council voted 11-1 to install five foot marked bicycle lanes on Webster Avenue, a major north-south arterial connecting Green [...]

“Shut up legs,” speak up mind

  Cyclists have been celebrating Jens Voigt’s “Shut up legs” quote for years, while too often overlooking the flip side of that famous quip: speak up mind. The retired grand tour rider got me thinking about the all-important second leg of wisdom – and the Zen of riding trails – during a talk at the [...]

Bike Week Continues

Wisconsin is a state known for its independence. So, when the League of American Bicyclists declared a week in May as Bike to Work Week, we just couldn’t follow meekly in line. It’s not that we have anything against the League; it’s just that they are located in Washington, DC, where May is a beautiful [...]

Will Roads Continue to Deteriorate?

I understand Mark Gottlieb’s position. Wisconsin’s Secretary of Transportation has just announced that the budget he submits to the governor later this year will contain no tax increases and therefore an emphasis on fixing only our state’s most heavily travelled roads. Gottlieb is in a bind. He knows this isn’t sustainable, but two years ago [...]