What to say when people complain about bicycles

Lately there has been a lot of media chatter suggesting people who ride bikes are notorious scofflaws. Last Friday our fearless leader Dave Cieslewicz jumped into the fray and referenced the broad spectrum of complaints from the anti-bicycle tweets from NPR’s Scott Simon to comments from Rush Limbaugh’s jokes about opening his door in front of people on bikes. I [...]

Update On SE Regional Trails

I attended the Milwaukee County Trails Council last Thursday and left with five pages of notes. I will try to boil down my scribbles into a few of the more salient updates on the higher profile trail projects. Oak Leaf Trail Extension North: Top of the list is the final segment in the extension of [...]

Detour on Hank Aaron State Trail

I have heard that some people have been confused about the short detour on the Hank Aaron State Trail. Both Melissa Cook from the WDNR and Kristin Bennett, the bicycle and pedestrian coordinator for the City of Milwaukee, have asked the Bike Fed to share some information about the detour. The detour will be in [...]