Are you Fed Up with Winter?!

Give winter the heave-ho. Get your legs and your spirit ready for spring. Time for an end-of-winter indoor cycling event: Fed Up With Winter! It’s simple. On Sunday April 12, three indoor cycling studios invite you to sign up for a 40-minute indoor cycling session. Partnering studios are Paceline Indoor Cycling, Speed Cycling, and Wisconsin Indoor [...]

Meet Thad, Wisconsin’s Bicycle Pharmacist

Meet Thad Schumacher, who – according to my extensive research, consisting of 30 seconds on Google – is the only pharmacist in Wisconsin making deliveries by bicycle. Thad lives in Fitchburg, Wisconsin, with his wife Michelle and their four kids. They moved there from Phoenix, Arizona in 2008. He owns Hometown Pharmacy in Fitchburg, which he [...]

Cast your vote in the Bike Fed Board of Directors Election!

  Have you heard? Voting for the Board of Directors of the Wisconsin Bike Fed is open, now through 11:59pm on Sunday November 30. Click Here to Vote! You may care more about riding your bike than about the governance structure of the Bike Fed. But (civics lesson alert – stay with me here): the Bicycle Federation of [...]

Run for a Seat on the Board of the Wisconsin Bike Fed!

  Did you know that the Wisconsin Bike Fed is governed by a shadowy Board of Directors so exclusive, so cloaked in secrecy, there is no way you could possibly enter into its ranks? Hey, that’s not true at all! Our Board is a friendly, fun-loving and diverse group committed to advancing the Bike Fed’s [...]