A Winter of Cyclists

Each equinox and solstice I try to plan at least one notable event where I can appreciate the joys and struggles of those three months’ unique circumstances. For the week of this spring equinox mark your calendar for a ride to the Barrymore Theatre to celebrate a film that adds to our national discussion about [...]

Do It Real Big

Friends and community members recently gathered for a celebratory evening at Madison’s Budget Bicycle Center to tell stories of the recently completed memorial ride (this one from Madison to New Orleans, there may be more memorial rides in the future!) in memory of Chris (“Red”) Vogts. An avid cyclist and advocate, Red was killed on [...]

Gearing up for Madison Bike Winter

  Everyone loves the idea of a casual fashion show that improves universal attitudes towards winter commuting! Madison Bike Winter will kick off the array of events with this yearly favorite. Now in it’s fourth official year, MBW organizes an array of parties, rides, swaps and socials to nourish the growing numbers of winter riders opting [...]

Ordinance could mean an end to organized rides in Iowa County

If a proposed ordinance regulating bicycle and motorcycle rides in Iowa County passes, it may mean the end of some of Wisconsin’s favorite organized rides in the Driftless region, including GRABAAWR and the Horribly Hilly Hundreds. You can read the proposed ordinance by clicking on the image below and to the right. The next Iowa County Transportation Committee [...]

Share and Be Aware meets Bike for Life Curriculum

Black Hawk Middle School, on Madison’s north side, has been abuzz with six classes of sixth graders (roughly 11 or 12 years old) learning safe bicycling skills. The Bike for Life program brings a fleet of 30 bikes into middle school gym classes, using a modified version of a draft curriculum developed by the Bike Fed. During the [...]