Train, Train, Train #4: Personal Test

I am finally fully recovered from my fourth Train, Train, Train trip with Tom Schuler which features a ride from Milwaukee to St. Paul on the super cool 1938 Brooks Stevens-designed Cedar Rapids train cars and a three-day, 385 mile ride back to Milwaukee from there. Tom has been doing this trip for more years, [...]

Bike Summit Was Inspiring

It was inspiring. Most of us who enjoy riding bikes are pretty fit and relatively nimble. But what if we were partially paralyzed, or born with one leg shorter than the other or have a cognitive disability? Could we still ride a bike? Could we enjoy the freedom of movement that bikes give us? The [...]

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk has deadly consequence

Many Wisconsin municipalities prohibit adults from riding bicycles on sidewalks, largely to protect people walking at slower speeds. You could hurt them, or kill them. Johnny Boschma  learned that on May 6, when he allegeldy ignored the law in Beloit – and basic bicycling rules – and crashed into a 58-year-old woman walking on the [...]

Auf Wiedersehen

I started working for the Bike Fed when I was 23. I had recently returned from a 2.5 month bicycle tour along the Mississippi River and was looking for employment and a way to continue my passion for living life on two wheels. I stumbled upon the Bike Fed and was thrilled to find a [...]