Wisconsin Bike Challenge: the results are in!


The results are in for this year’s Wisconsin Bike Challenge! From May until October, we pedaled and pedaled, and counted and tracked. We obsessed over every mile, every ride. Bragging rights were on the line. What’s the outcome? Well, we’ve got a few things to brag about:

Not only did we beat last year’s totals, we came in third place nationally! We biked over 2,468,457 miles, burned over 51,367,426 calories, conserved almost 993,977 pounds of CO2, and saved over $315,587!

We had two companies, Trek and Kimberly-Clark, rank number 1 & 2 in national rankings, 3 communities (Zenda, Waterloo, and Gotham) in the top ten, and 3 solo riders in the national top ten, John A. MacDonald, Carl Morrison, and Mary Catterton!


Our top 5 solo riders in Wisconsin:

  1. Karl Morrison – 13654 points
  2. John A MacDonald – 12500 points
  3. Todd Vicker – 11096 points
  4. Brian Turany – 10390 points
  5. Jack Friess – 10081 points

Our top 5 teams:

  1. NM Franklin Riders – 83147 points
  2. Trane La Crosse – 77559 points
  3. DNR GEF2 5th Floor & Friends – 69442 points
  4. Griessmeyer Law – 57069 points
  5. Bella Donnas – 56008 points

Our top 5 workplaces:

  1. Trek Bicycle Corp – 1001053 points (Also #1 in the National Challenge!)
  2. Northwestern Mutual – 282915 points
  3. University of Wisconsin (Madison) – 209042 points
  4. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources – 1311191 points
  5. Wisconsin Department of Transportation – 124911 points

And our top 5 communities (points per 1000 people)

  1. Zenda, WI – 22, 017.54 points
  2. Waterloo, WI – 21,640.16 points
  3. Gotham, WI – 17,757.40 points
  4. Lake Mills, WI – 11,867.40 points
  5. Madison, WI – 5,410.93 points
Thanks also to the sponsors of the Wisconsin Bicycle Challenge: Kimberly-Clark & Schwinn! Most importantly, thank you to the almost 4500 Wisconsin participants!
Start gearing up for next year, Wisconsin! Let’s aim for the #1 state in the rankings!


4 thoughts on “Wisconsin Bike Challenge: the results are in!

  1. The real difference is made when we choose bicycling as a mode of transportation. Our lawmakers would take particular interest if we can increase those miles. Next year’s challenge should emphasize the importance of commuter and transportation miles.

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