Our favorite bicycling reads this week

Our three favorite bicycling reads from around the internet for this week. Enjoy!

Should Distracted Cycling Be Banned?

Eric Jaffe – The Atlantic
The Atlantic’s Eric Jaffe raises the question on whether or not distracted cycling is a problem that warrants a policy intervention.

As cycling gains in popularity, more cities will have to confront the question of whether or not to ban distracted riding. But before they do, especially in these fiscally challenged times, it’s worth weighing the cost of enforcing the law against that of protecting the public in other ways — namely, creating safer bike infrastructure.


Level the Commuter Playing Field By Reducing the Tax Break for Parking

Angie Schmitt – Streetsblog.org
Angie Schmitt argues for the reduction in parking benefits to bring transit commuter tax benefits back to parity with car commuters.

Commuter financial incentives do affect how we get around. Multiple studies have proven that leveling the playing field between different modes of commuting leads people to drive less and choose other ways to get to work.


Bloomberg didn’t have to ride a bike to get it

Dave Cieslewicz – Wisconsin Bike Fed
Our own Dave Cieslewicz on why New York’s outgoing Mayor Bloomberg pushed his city’s bicycling infrastructure forward.

Creating bike and pedestrian friendly places is great for cities, even for those who never ride. Bloomberg didn’t do all this because he personally wanted safer places to ride his bike. He did it because he was convinced that creating the kind of places that were good for riding would create a better city overall.

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