Our favorite bicycling reads for the week of Jan. 5th

Our three favorite bicycling reads from around the internet for this week. Enjoy!

Is Bicycling a Form of Preventive Health Care?

Karin Olafson – Momentum Mag
Momentum Mag’s Karin Olafson on the effectiveness of everyday bicycling as a form of preventative medicine.

Recent studies continue to shed light on how everyday cycling is not only good for our cardiovascular health but also a way to save billions in health care costs. While everyday cycling is starting to be recognized as a low-impact form of exercise there remains resistance to accepting riding a bike as a form of preventive health care across North America.


The Challenge of Selling Bike-Share in a Hilly City

Feargus O’ Sullivan – The Atlantic Cities
Bike Share works – but how effective can it be in cities that aren’t built for biking?

It’s a task that Lisbon is taking on nonetheless. This April, the city will launch its first bike-share scheme, starting off with a smallish network that adapts itself to local conditions.


Sour grapes: I won’t bike to the farmers market anymore

Dave Schlabowske – Wisconsin Bike Fed
Our own Dave Shlabowske on the how having effective infrastructure effects what people actually do on their bicycles – like go to the farmers market.

The City of Milwaukee does a really good job clearing the bridges on the Hank Aaron State Trail, because they agreed to take ownership of them in order to get the trail constructed, but that leave the rest of the trail, which is supposed to be maintained by the State , covered with snow, despite a signed memorandum of understanding that they would agree to clear maintain the trail.

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