Our favorite bicycling reads for the week of Jan. 12th

Our three favorite bicycling reads from around the internet for this week. Enjoy!

The Problem with Elevated Bike Highways

Nick Stockton – The Atlantic Cities

Are elevated bike highways a solution, or will they create more disconnect between cyclists and motorists.

Confrontation is a familiar part of life for many cyclists, whose daily commutes all too often involve a cocktail of adrenalin, aggression, and near-death experiences. So it’s no surprise that many non-Londoners were envious of the city’s latest urban design fantasy: a network of elevated bicycle highways above the city’s rail network. But urban planning experts—including one of the project’s lead designers—say most cities should keep their cyclists grounded.


Do electric scooters belong in bike lanes?

Eric Jaffe - The Atlantic Cities

Eric Jaffe on the growing debate in Toronto on the definition of a bicycle.

Electric bicycles certainly make sense in a bike lane. They’re the same size as bikes, require similar rider behavior, and are just as susceptible to the safety hazards of neighboring car traffic. And Transportation Services seems to have limited the scope to “power-assisted” bikes — meaning those that require some degree of pedaling to get the motor going, which keeps the “human-powered” spirit of the bike lane in place. E-scooters, on the other hand, are a tougher sell.


Liberty and justice for all?

Jessica Binder – The Wisconsin Bike Fed

Our own Jessica Binder on why Vulnerable Users legislation is needed now more than ever.

Life is precious. Difficult times bring out the best in us. Everything can change in an instant. You can’t change the past. I was reminded of the veracity of these tried and true platitudes today watching PaKou Xiong share her story of how her texting and driving resulted in her killing James Weiss while he was riding his bicycle.

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