Do It Real Big

Doing it Real Big!

Friends and community members recently gathered for a celebratory evening at Madison’s Budget Bicycle Center to tell stories of the recently completed memorial ride (this one from Madison to New Orleans, there may be more memorial rides in the future!) in memory of Chris (“Red”) Vogts.

An avid cyclist and advocate, Red was killed on his bike while nearing the end of his Madison, Wisconsin to the Mississippi delta bicycle tour on February 8th, 2013. Bringing some of his ashes and stories the entire length of the journey, six close friends of Red’s shared the sobering and enlivening reality of finishing the trip and meeting some hospitable new friends that had meet Red along the way.

Day 1: The Memorial Ride left Budget Bicycles with a huge crew. An amazing turnout for the Memorial Ride to New Glarus.

For more opportunities to get to know Red and his story, please visit Dave’s earlier Bike Fed blog from the news of Red’s passing, an obituary through comments from people that had met Red,  and The Active Persuit blog.

With Wisconsin’s Vulnerable User Bill moving closer and closer to a vote, the wishes of so many attendees for a more conscious and passionate community are in the air. The City of Madison will partner with friends, family, and the bike fed to install a Bike Rest Area off the Southwest trail and Midvale Heights’ Bison Prairie Gateway. Keep an eye out for a spring time celebration to unveil a memorial plaque and place for all to pay respects to Red, and use the bicycle repair station and air pump.

More crashes ending in vulnerable road user’s passing is preventable with more motorists thinking to look for others on the road.

Continue to look for the moon walking bear.

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