Door County Bicycle, Pedestrian and Recreational Facilities Plan adopted by County Board

For the last two years, a dedicated group of Door County residents, small business owners, recreational enthusiasts and municipal staff have been hard at work crafting the Door County Plan.  On Monday Jan 28th 2013, their effort was recognized when the County Board unanimously passed the plan.

Door County is nationally known for its scenic beauty, Midwestern hospitality and plentiful recreational opportunities.  The plan seeks to expand those opportunities and create more safe places for residents to walk, cycle and ride horses. Recommendations include programmatic and policy elements as well as a number of infrastructure improvements.  Part of a national movement, a county-wide Complete Streets policy was recommended.  This would ensure that when improvements to local streets are scheduled, every appropriate user type and facility are considered.  Additionally, the recommendation was made to formalize the working group that spearheaded the plan into an official Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee. This committee would be responsible for addressing bicycle and pedestrian-related issues in the county as well as oversight of plan implementation.

Infrastructure recommendations included paved shoulders, the creation of more multi-use shared paths and providing wayfinding signage.  Paved shoulders on rural roads provide multiple benefits – they give cyclists a dedicated space in which to ride outside of the motorized travel lane, farmers have space to drive their farm machinery, winter driving is made safer and the life of the pavement is extended.

Multi-use paths provide pleasant places for people to ride a bike or horse or walk, and provide an alternative to those users who prefer a more recreational experience.  Multi-use paths are also great for family use – a benefit upon which Door County can continue to capitalize.  Wayfinding signage provides cyclists directional information as well as the distance to destinations.

The wayfinding recommendation is also the cornerstone of the creation of Bike the Door.  Similar to the National Parks Passport program, thirteen recreational loops located throughout the County have been selected to highlight Door County’s town and villages, parks, beaches and other cultural amenities such as shipwrecks.  Each loop is branded with its own identity and once completed, cyclists can collect a stamp in their passbook.

Door County is one of Wisconsin’s gems, attracting visitors from all over the world.  This plan will enhance and highlight the great places to ride that already exist in the county and allow residents and visitors to access the entire county by bike more easily.  For more information on Door County and all it has to offer, visit

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One thought on “Door County Bicycle, Pedestrian and Recreational Facilities Plan adopted by County Board

  1. Great news. How can the plan be viewed? Will it be on-line? I like the idea of the wayfinding and recreational loops. It will be nice to be able to navigate without having to frequently refer to a map. Will there be alternative, on-road routes for the loops that will need to wait for path construction?

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