Vulnerable User Bill passes Assembly Transportation Committee

The Assembly Transportation Committee voted this afternoon to pass Assembly Bill 388, our Vulnerable Users Legislation, with only vote against.

The bill can now be voted on by either house at any time. Then once it passes that house the bill can move through the other body without stopping in a committee because each respective transportation committee has already voted on it.

Thanks to all of you who contacted members of the Assembly Committee to voice your support. Please follow up with a thank you for their positive vote.

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2 thoughts on “Vulnerable User Bill passes Assembly Transportation Committee

  1. What is that e mail address of the caller,Richie, on the Joy Cardin show this morning…the man who called in about winter biking?

    • Hi Carol,

      I believe you are talking about Rob Gusky from Kimberly Clark, who was interviewed about winter bicycling. He does not work for the Bike Fed, but we work with him on the Wisconsin Bike Challenge. Are you looking for information about the Wisconsin Bike Challenge or winter bicycling?

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