Show our Legislators How Important Wisconsin Cycling Is

Saris and the Wisconsin Bike Fed need your help in contacting Wisconsin legislators and encouraging them to attend a briefing on Wisconsin cycling at the Capitol next Tuesday, May 13th. The more voters our legislators hear from the more likely they are to attend this important event for Wisconsin cycling.

From Heather Fortune, Advocacy Director at Saris:

Next Tuesday May 13th we are holding a briefing for legislators at the Capitol on the economic and health benefits of bicycling in Wisconsin. Due to the loss of funding, many bicycle infrastructure projects will not be funded. We have lost support for vital programs like Safe Routes to School, which directly effects the health of our youth. Bicycling is a $1.5 billion dollar industry in Wisconsin bringing over 13,200 jobs to our state and $535 million in tourism dollars come from out-of-state visitors here for bicycling. It is essential for us to re-educate our legislators on the importance of cycling to Wisconsin’s health and economy.

Take a few minutes today to call and email your legislator and tell them bicycling is important to you and your district and you want them to attend this briefing on May 13th.
Click Here to Find Your Legislator

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