Budget Inches Closer to Passage (or not)

Here’s the latest on the state transportation budget. Governor Scott Walker told reporters this week that Assembly and Senate leaders were close to agreement on outstanding issues that have delayed passage of the budget, which is now going on two months past due. But Assembly Speaker Robin Vos and Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald voiced [...]

Foxconn and Cycling

You might not think that the massive Foxconn deal has much of anything to do with bicycling, but there is a link. Read on. If you’ve been living under a rock or fanatically training for the Ride Across Wisconsin you could be forgiven for not knowing about Foxconn. The company is a giant Chinese manufacturer [...]

Gottlieb Rebuts MacIver Report

We were honored last year when retiring Wisconsin Department of Transportation Secretary Mark Gottlieb agreed to serve on our board. Gottlieb always struck us as a voice of calm reason and there was no doubt that he was committed to a multi-modal future. Sure, he wanted to build, improve and repair highways and bridges. Nothing [...]