What Spring? I Blame Tony B!

Over the weekend, my friend and fellow “Bring it on Old Man Winter” 4-season commuter Tony Berger proudly posted he was removing his studded tires and cleaning the drive train on his commuter bike. At the time I thought it was a bad idea, but I didn’t want to spoil his hopeful attitude by reminding [...]

Video: How to Bike the Ice Caves

Since I published this blog post about bicycling on frozen Lake Superior shoreline to see the ice caves I have received a bunch of requests for more details on how to get there.  This post should help direct people, but remember to check the ice for yourself before you pedal off the shore. Ice conditions change [...]

Cogburn CB4 Realtree Hunting Rig

This guest post and photos are by Hansi Johnson, Midwest Regional Director for the International Mountain Bicycling Association. Hansi lives up in Thomson, MN, a small town outside Duluth with quick access to heavenly pristine natural areas. Two years ago however my father was invited to join a hunt at a family farm in Winona. [...]