You gotta just love bicycling in Wisconsin and all it has to offer in the way of  trails, events, cyclists, and of course, our bicycle industry.  There are so many large and small bicycle companies based out of Wisconsin, it really is fair to say Wisconsin is the center of the US bicycle industry. Big [...]

Why some women won’t ride bicycles

Recently, Historic Milwaukee was foolish enough to ask me to be a part of a panel discussion about development along Milwaukee’s Lakefront. Much the conversation that night centered around removing some ramps at the end of the Hoan Bridge (don’t get me started) and putting an iconic new building aptly titled “The Couture” in the [...]

True Love

Bicycles are one of my true loves, along with my family, pork, pickled anything and vintage clothing (not necessarily in that order). I am also a fan of the Cyclechic movement, which seeks to use images of happy, attractive people riding practical bicycles in regular clothes in urban environments to promote cycling to the masses. [...]