True Love

Bicycles are one of my true loves, along with my family, pork, pickled anything and vintage clothing (not necessarily in that order). I am also a fan of the Cyclechic movement, which seeks to use images of happy, attractive people riding practical bicycles in regular clothes in urban environments to promote cycling to the masses. [...]

Cyclology of Guilt

I am a member of an email listserv for the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  It is an extremely helpful resource for me at work. Recently there was a thread about people who wear bright clothing at night.  It was kind of technical in that it centered in part around the retroreflectivity of white fabrics compared to the retroreflectivity [...]

In Praise of Hats

I have always liked hats.  From the definition of chic that was Jackie O in her Halston pill box to the hard scrabble farmer in his Dekalb seed cap, hats have been more than a fashion accessory; they are often a cultural badge.  Can you imagine Sunday service without the ladies in their church hats, or [...]