Goodnight bright star

This Friday afternoon, I will say goodbye to Rob ‘Sugs’ Hofmann. I’ve said goodbye to Rob countless times after mountain bike rides with him along the Menomonee River and on Kettle Moraine trails. I’ve said goodbye to Rob after the most every Santa Cycle Rampage. I’ve said goodbye to Rob after a beer. It is [...]

True Love

Bicycles are one of my true loves, along with my family, pork, pickled anything and vintage clothing (not necessarily in that order). I am also a fan of the Cyclechic movement, which seeks to use images of happy, attractive people riding practical bicycles in regular clothes in urban environments to promote cycling to the masses. [...]

Cyclology of Guilt

I am a member of an email listserv for the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals.  It is an extremely helpful resource for me at work. Recently there was a thread about people who wear bright clothing at night.  It was kind of technical in that it centered in part around the retroreflectivity of white fabrics compared to the retroreflectivity [...]