Grooming Trails for Fatbikes

Last weekend the Midwest Fat Bike Access & Grooming Workshop was held on January 9 and 10 in Cable Wis. The gathering brought together over 70 advocates from Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin devoted to improving off-road cycling and fat biking in winter. Neither I nor the Bike Fed’s MTB program manager were able to go, [...]

Deer are safe when I am in the woods

Below is an excerpt from a longer story with more photos about hunting by bike that will appear in the winter edition of the Bike Fed Magazine next month. The story will also include a feature about bird hunting on a full-camo Cogburn CB4 fatbike, written and photographed by Hansi Johnson, Midwest Regional Director for [...]

Farewell Matt!

Hello friends and fellow cyclists, It is with bittersweet feelings that I announce to you my resignation from my position as Western Region Director for the Wisconsin Bike Fed. On October 7th, I will begin my new role working for the International Mountain Bicycling Association as Executive Director for Minnesota Off-Road Cyclists; this position will [...]