ToAD Final: Champagne and Cheese for Schneider Sisters, Labecki; Stemper Nation Deflated

Thanks to Lisa Downey for this final race report! The Tour of America’s Dairyland concluded Sunday night at the East Tosa Gran Prix, a neighborhood overfloweth with fans’ physical and emotional presence from Start/Finish to house parties all around the four-corner rectangular course. Racers, exhausted and shells of themselves from 10 consecutive, competitive days behind them, [...]

Local Racers Hold Onto Holstein Jerseys

Samantha Schneider (Team TIBCO-To The Top) retains a razor-thin one-point lead  in the Women’s Pro Category of the Tour of America’s Dairyland. The racing was fast and exciting on the technical course for yesterday’s Schlitz Park Criterium, but the West Allis native sat safely in the front of the pack in the final five laps [...]

2014 CX Nationals Viewing Party Sunday!

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Watch the greatest spectacle in cross racing at Ten Bells Sports Bar in Walkers Point! Try their Tullamore Dew/ Miller High Life  daily special “The Ripper.” See Big Daddy Tim Johnson battle it out on the run-ups with Jeremy “The Snake” Powers! Watch as Trek Bicycles Powerhouse Katie “KFC” Compton blisters the course [...]