Deaths remind us to be more careful driving, walking and biking

Police have arrested two people in connection with crashes that killed pedestrians on Sunday and Monday.   Three tragedies on Milwaukee streets – in less than a week – delivered a stark reminder of the need ┬áto slow down, watch out for our neighbors and make it safer for everyone on Wisconsin roadways. On Thursday, [...]

Killed in a Crosswalk

Rufus King High School student Marisol Cevallos died needlessly early Wednesday morning, on her way to school and a future full of opportunity. A school bus driver hit and killed Cevallos, 17, as she walked southbound across W. Oklahoma Ave., in a crosswalk, which should have protected her from harm. But like dozens of others [...]

Driver, victim’s family devastated by fatal crash in Germantown

The emotional devastation of negligent driving spilled throughout a Washington County courtroom Wednesday, when a 31-year-old man pleaded guilty to killing a father of three in a hit-and-run crash. Everyone involved will now prepare themselves for an emotional sentencing hearing on Sept. 19, when Circuit Judge Todd Martens decides whether Adam Neuhaus will be sent [...]

Recent deaths show dangers of the “right hook”

Alex Beld contributed to this post. A momentary lapse at a challenging intersection in Neenah resulted in the death of a 77-year-old retired neurologist, but no citations against the motorist who hit him while turning through a crosswalk on N. Commercial Street. William Wanamaker died in an all-too familiar scenario – knocked over by a [...]