Betting on a shell game

If I were a betting man (actually I’m not), I would wager my bottom dollar that we will see a transfer of about $500 million from Wisconsin’s general fund into the transportation fund in the proposed state biennial budget some time next month. If it doesn’t actually happen, it will at least be proposed. Where [...]

Making a difference one intersection at a time

I still have the file after all these years; I hadn’t looked through it since 2006, when Dave and I left the country for a couple of years. It contains notes on the correspondence I had with several people: Dave Schlabowske who was then Program Manager at the BFW, contacts at the County Board of [...]

Federal bike funding cut, but not gone

After years of extensions to the previous 2005 federal transportation bill, and seemingly endless debate and partisan gridlock, our elected leaders in Washington finally approved a transportation bill called MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century). We have now had a month to read and dissect the $105 billion two-year bill to [...]