Man with three OWI convictions guilty of killing cyclist

  A man with three convictions for drunken-driving has been found guilty of hitting and killing a cycling grandfather in Waushara County. Eric Banaszak, 42, of Redgranite, pleaded no contest to hit-and-run causing death in Waushara County Circuit Court and will be sentenced by Circuit Judge Guy Dutcher on Oct. 2. The felony charge carries a [...]

Diluted Vulnerable User Bill Passes

  It is good news that the Wisconsin Senate just passed an amended version of our proposed Vulnerable User Law (AB388) on a voice vote, but I’m not sabering any champagne bottles yet. Regular readers will remember the bill was amended in the Assembly to remove all penalty enhancers in order to get it through the [...]

Vulnerable User Bill may be dead

Perhaps it is more accurate to say the VU Bill is on life support, but metaphors aside, as the Wisconsin legislative session draws to a close April 3rd, it appears our legislators will not get a chance to vote on our Vulnerable User Bill (SB307 and AB388).  Although we believe the VU Bill would pass a [...]