The Wisconsin Bike Challenge

The Wisconsin Bike Challenge begins May 1st and runs through September 30th! Have fun watching the miles add up on the leaderboard and see how you are doing compared to your friends and coworkers. Last year Wisconsin racked up nearly 2.5 million miles! Let’s make it our goal to be hit 3 million this year. By participating in the Challenge, you can log miles online or through your smartphone that will show your neighbors, your family and your coworkers that you’re a real Wisconsin bike champion. You’ll also be entered to win awesome bike prizes. The Challenge is FREE and fun!Click Here to Sign Up »

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For Wisconsin, two million bicycle miles contributes to healthier communities, puts more money back in local economies and puts smiles on thousands of faces. Participants in the Challenge have collectively burned more than 45 million calories and prevented more than two million pounds of CO2 from entering our atmosphere. Since 49% of the two million miles were for transportation, that’s a lot of car trips replaced by pedal power. It’s good for Wisconsin’s economy, too. Better health means fewer health care costs, not to mention that participants have saved $233,000 on gasoline — money that can instead be spent on local goods and services.

Calculating these outcomes of the Challenge offers us a unique opportunity to quantify the positive impact that our bicycling community has on our state and local communities. These positive outcomes of bicycling are not “news” for us bicycle enthusiasts, but the numbers and messages are very powerful tools when advocating for bicycling improvements in our towns and cities. Every person and workplace that participates in the Challenge and diligently logs miles is making a significant contribution to creating a better, more bicycle-friendly Wisconsin. We at the Wisconsin Bike Fed cannot thank you enough!

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