More members. More voices.

We’re on a mission to unite Wisconsin bicyclists to stand up against the bike tax, budget cuts to Complete Streets, and threats to our state’s trail systems. With every additional person who joins the Bike Fed, our voice promoting cycling gets louder. You can help us gain traction at the state and local level by suggesting to friends and family members that they join us.

When you join the Bike Fed or recruit a friend or family member to join, you will be entered for a chance to win a brand new Trek 7.1 FX bike! The person who recruits the most new members will receive a complimentary entry to the Wisconsin Bike Summit on Friday, November 6th.


Here’s how it works.

The Strength In Numbers Campaign goes from June 6 – July 4th.

Not yet a member? Join today and you’ll be automatically entered to win the Trek 7.1 FX Bike!

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2. Easily share your new donation page via the social media and email links on the bottom of your fundraising page. Extra selling point – everyone who joins between now and July 4th will also be entered to win the Trek bicycle!

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*Purchase or referral not necessary for entry into the drawing. You can send a self-addressed postcard with your contact information to Wisconsin Bike Fed, PO Box 1224, Madison, WI 53701 by July 4, 2015 for entry.