Complete Streets In Milwaukee




Process & Systems Change

The Complete Streets Coalition, residents, and other community partners have worked together to pass a policy that was meaningful and set the stage for the implementation process.

Now, the Wisconsin Bike Fed is supporting local bike walk advocacy group Milwaukee Safe and Healthy Streets Grant Team as they collaborate with Milwaukee Public Works, Department of City Development, and the Milwaukee Health Department, and many others in the community to carry out the safe streets policy.

Within the implementation process, the team is working together to revise public engagement strategies, build a regular reporting method for measuring the impact of Complete Streets design principals, and break down internal departmental silos for better communication and ability to leverage skills and resources for greater outcomes on street designs.


The City of Milwaukee’s Bike and Pedestrian Task Force, the Wisconsin Bike Fed, Milwaukee Safe & Healthy Streets (formerly Path to Platinum), and thousands of Milwaukee residents that signed in support of the Complete Streets petition in 2018 are advocating for safe streets for all users of the road.

We are putting our petitions into practice and asking Mayor Barrett and the Common Council for deliberate action to fund, build, and grow a network of low-stress, separated bikeways connecting downtown with neighborhoods on all sides of the city. As our city grows with the addition of the streetcar, we must develop our city so that it is multi-modal, systematically safer––dignifying pedestrians, cyclists, the public transit user, and the car driver as they are not mutually exclusive.

Protected bicycle lanes make streets safer not just for bike users, but for pedestrians, the accessibility community & car drivers. Protected lanes narrow crossing distances and calm the speed of cars. Additionally, calm low-stress streets attract foot traffic to businesses and attractions, to increase economic growth!



Sign the Petition

If you haven’t signed the Milwaukeeans for Protected Bike Lanes, you can do that HERE

  • Tweet at Elected Officials: “I bike/walk Milwaukee _______________ (with my kids/to get to work/because it brings me joy/to maintain my health/etc). @Ashanti4MKE Pass a #MKEBikeWalBudget and help me get there safely #mke #mobilityjustice” (tag your City Councilor as well)

Ask Leaders and Organizations to support Milwaukeeans for Protected Bike Lanes

Here is a folder ! Read our letter to Mayor Tom Barrett and the Milwaukee Common Council. You can contact us at if you wish to add your logo to the memo, OR you can write your own letter of support and we’ll add it to the folder. That way the public is aware of your dedication to Safe and Healthy Street networks!

Share this with other leaders and organizations you are connected with. Examples: Neighborhood Improvement Districts, Community Organizations, businesses, institutions, public leaders (spiritual leaders, politicians, individual academics, etc.)


Connect with Constituents

Do you know anyone who lives in the districts that members of the Public Works committee (Ald. Donovan, Ald. Kovac, Ald. Murphy, Ald. Bauman, Ald. Borkowski) represents? Ask them to reach out to their Alders to express their support for a safe and protected bicycle network.

Attend the MilWalkee Walks Action Workshop

Mark your calendar for August 23rd from 9-3pm at Velobahn Café. The Wisconsin Bike Fed, MilWalkee Walks, and Jane’s Walk MKE will be hosting a tactical workshop that teaches you how to organize demonstrations, apply for creative placemaking opportunities in your community, and learn how to grow a network coalition of like-minded individuals and groups.

Walk 100

Attend one of many of Mayor Barrett’s scheduled neighborhood walks. Take the opportunity to share with the mayor and residents your support and vision for safer and Complete Streets. See Mayor Barrett’s Walk 100 Schedule HERE  (ALERT The Walk 100 schedule can only be viewed in FIREFOX OR CHROME BROWSERS)

Attend or Host a Milwaukee People Protected Bike Lanes Demonstration

We have all the tools needed to host your own demonstration! Join us as we demonstrate for more protected bike lanes, forming a people protected bike lane, asking that the Mayor and the Council move faster on building safe and healthy streets.

Remember, protected lanes make streets safer not just for bike users, but for pedestrians, the accessibility community & car drivers. With the assistance of the Safe & Healthy Streets Core Team and the Wisconsin Bike Fed, we can work together to choose a location to demonstrate for protected bike lanes. (contact Caressa Givens to organize your People Protected event today!)

Check out our event on Facebook


Did you know that it’s difficult for many Milwaukeean’s to be physically active in their neighborhoods because our streets lack the sidewalks, bike lanes, and crosswalks needed for safe travel?
To make streets that are safer and easier for people of all ages and abilities, the City of Milwaukee is pursuing a Complete Streets policy and neighbors and community groups are organizing to help make it strong and equitable. Black Girls Do Bike, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, Northwest Side Community Development Corporation,  Path to Platinum, Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, and 16th St Community Health Center are joining the Bike Fed and other groups to get community input and support for the Complete Streets Policy.


Together we can help pass a Complete Streets policy that makes our neighborhoods better for walking and biking for people of all ages and abilities.

Help us collect signatures. SHARE THIS LINK ON SOCIAL or join us on Facebook.

Click here to view a full listing of organizational testimony.


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