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Cadence MKE Women’s Riding Group North Shore Social Ride

June 8 @ 6:00 pm 8:00 pm

The 2023 season road season is here! Cadence Cycling Milwaukee is dedicated to empowering women cyclists, both on and off the bike. Join us for our three weekly group rides from three different locations in the Milwaukee metro area.

Cadence North Shore Ride

When: Thu, June 8, 6pm – 8pm

Where: Wheel & Sprocket, 6940 N Santa Monica Blvd, Fox Point, WI 53217, USA (map)

Description: Members can join us for our weekly North Shore Ride. Not a member? Join us for one free guest ride. Use the membership form on our website to complete the waiver (a waiver must be completed prior to riding). 

See the full Cadence event calendar here!

More about Cadence and the Women’s Social Rides:

Cadence is a cycling group for women in the Milwaukee area ages 18 – 100 who want to ride with other women, are new to road cycling, or want to take their cycling to the next level.

OUR MISSION Foster empowerment of women cyclists in Milwaukee through group rides and through club involvement in community cycling.

OUR PHILOSOPHY We believe women who ride together are stronger together.

OUR VALUES Have FUN! Grow stronger Empower women cyclists Create friendships Be ambassadors of women’s cycling

SAFETY & ETIQUETTE BASIC SAFETY GUIDELINES Wear your helmet proudly. Come to each ride with a bike in good working condition. Know how to change your tire. Carry extra tubes and a pump/CO2 cartridge. Have a light, both front and rear. Stay hydrated. Download or print the cue sheet from the Strava app prior to each ride. Carry a phone. Aerobars are for triathlons and time trials, not group rides. Aerobars present a safety concern while riding in a group and are prohibited from being present on a bike at a Cadence ride. All riders are required to come prepared to ride with the following: repair kit (spare tube, CO2 cartridge/air pump, basic tool kit), bike lights (front and rear), water bottle, and helmet.

COMMUNICATION Good communication is essential to a successful group ride. Use hand and verbal signals to communicate to your fellow riders. It is difficult to hear while riding. Speak loudly and communicate verbal cues forward and back. Use hand signals to communicate to cars and riders. Index finger held overhead: move to single-file (i.e., for a narrow bridge). Pointing to obstacles in road: potholes, road kill, dangerous cracks to avoid. Wavy hand; unsteady surface, gravel, mud, debris. Sweeping hand behind back: move over, there’s an obstruction in the road ahead (physical or another rider). Open hand on the side: slowing. Closed hand behind back: stopping. If you peel off early be sure to let someone on the team know so we don’t miss you at the end.

VERBAL CUES “Car/walker/rider back” “Car/walker/rider up” “Slowing” “Stopping” “On your left” when passing

PRACTICE GOOD GROUP RIDING ETIQUETTE Leave the tunes at home and create conversation with your teammates. It is safer and builds camaraderie. Aerobars are for triathlons and time trials, not group rides. Aerobars present a safety concern while riding in a group and are prohibited from being present on a bike at a Cadence ride. No half-wheeling; either ride side by side or directly behind. Avoid over-lapping wheels. Be a good ambassador of women’s cycling. Our kits are bold and recognizable. Remember when you are wearing the kit you represent Cadence Cycling-the best in women’s cycling. Do us proud. Rides role out on time. Please join us promptly. Check the calendar for departure times. If you are late feel free to catch up. Despite the differences in cycling skill levels of our members, we all share the joy of riding bikes. Cadence Cycling members will be respectful and encouraging of all types of riders, each other, and cyclists from other cycling groups. We will respect and celebrate the growth and achievements in cycling of our team members. Help a sister out by sharing your knowledge, fixing a flat, lending an extra power bar or giving her a “way to go” shout out. Blowing, if you need to clear your nose and are not a fan of tissues on the bike move clear of other riders and be sure you are down wind and announce, “blowing.” Additionally, did you know that the soft part on your glove is for wiping your nose?

SUPPORT OF THE COMMUNITY In our commitment to advance women’s cycling in the community, Cadence Cycling members are encouraged to be members of the Wisconsin Bike Federation. Cadence Cycling will be present in supporting cycling events and clinics throughout the community. We are committed to enhancing the event to the best of our collective ability and are enthusiastic to offer our diverse skill sets to help make these events successful and enjoyable.

ABOUT OUR WEEKLY RIDES At the beginning of each ride, we will have a short safety talk about the rules of the road. At this time we will also divide into 2 or more groups, depending on turn out, so that we can maintain small group sizes and separate into desired riding paces. All weekday evening rides DEPART at 6pm! In order to respect the time of our members and to optimize our ride time together, please plan and prepare accordingly so that we can safely head out together promptly at 6pm.

Group 1 Pace: average speed of 14-16+ mph Distance: approximately 20 miles This is a drop ride

Group 2 Pace: average speed of 12-14 mph Distance: approximately 20 miles This is a no-drop ride. The group will modify pace to allows the slowest rider to stay with the group All groups will converge at the end of a group for some refreshing beverages, snack, and camaraderie! Each ride group will have a Lead and a Sweep.

The Lead is usually in the front of the pack and understands the route well to lead the group through the ride. Sometimes Leads also lead a pace lining practice for the group. Sweep is the last person in the lineup and makes sure all ride members make it through the ride without getting dropped. Both roles are responsible for using safety call signals and are vital to creating a safe environment on our rides. Wisconsin weather is unpredictable.

We watch the weather carefully — rider safety is our priority, and we take this seriously. In the case of inclement weather, which includes rain, slick roads, and lightning, we’ll make our best effort to notify membership before a ride starts of a cancellation. Because we do not guarantee a ride cancellation notice, we encourage riders to make their own decisions about riding in inclement weather. Ride leadership will not be provided during inclement weather. Riders may still show up to ride with the understanding that other members may not be present. Riders who choose to show up are accepting their own risk.

940 N Santa Monica Blvd
Fox Point, WI 53217 United States
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(414) 247-8100
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