MilWALKee Walks Action Workshop scheduled for August 23rd

MilWALKee Walks is a Wisconsin Bike Fed program funded through the Wisconsin Department of Transportation Bureau of Transportation Safety.¬† Its goal is to improve the streets of Milwaukee through community engagement¬† and skill-building focused on changing the built environment to safer streets where people will feel comfortable walking and biking.¬† Safe and Healthy Streets is […]

Madison Electric BCycle Launch

On Tuesday, June 18th, Madison BCycle launched the first all-electric city-wide bikeshare program in the country. In partnership with Trek Bicycle and the City of Madison, the bikeshare program debuted the new electric bicycles in a lively kick-off event held at the Madison Municipal Building. In remarks to the crowd, City of Madison Mayor Satya […]

One Rider’s Reflections

“Who’s the geezer riding at a slow pace up a hill – sweating and grinning? That’s me – enjoying the fact that I still have enough power and determination to push this body up the hill – and zoom like a banshee down the other side.” Jim Thompson, a long-time supporter of the AIDS Resource […]