Fun Friday Photo Contest

More nice photos have been coming in for the contest.  I will put a handful up today.  Don’t feel slighted if yours does not get posted.  I don’t have room to put them all up.  I promise to get a functioning Flickr page up this weekend where all the photos can be displayed.  I think […]

I’m digging it!

One of the primary reasons why I ride in vintage suits and such is because I believe the image of someone riding a bike in nice clothes will do more to encourage others to ride than all the “green, healthy, sustainable, etc.” arguments combined.  I’m no super model by a long shot, but I work what I […]

Milwaukee Bike Plan: The Big Picture

Here are links to the latest overall map and the draft updated City of Milwaukee bike plan.  Both are large files. If you open any of these maps on your desktop, you should be able to zoom in on the high res pdf and see the locations of all the existing and proposed bicycle facilities.  If you notice something is missing, there […]