Big ideas: Inspiration from Florida

So the Hoan Bridge wins Big Idea #1, and there were a number of other suggestions raised that are certainly worthy of further study.  A couple of the comments went beyond suggesting catalytic projects. Dave Steele and Michael Callovi both seem to share the same dream in which people on foot, on bicycles and in cars are law-abiding and share a network of smooth, well-maintained roads. Mike went so far as to argue that separated facilities are too limiting and will cause problems down the road.

Based on my experience I disagree with that very strict vehicular cyclist argument, but I certainly agree with the concept of encouraging all road users to obey the laws and share the road.  But we also need a more law-abiding, inclusive and welcoming bicycle culture.  If we had that, we might have more people riding even without the innovative facilities.

The kids in the video below make that point very well, and could have been in Dave’s dream or Mike’s world.  In the video, you won’t see any bike lanes, Dutch bikes, or even helmets.  I hope what you do see will inspire you and give you hope.


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Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

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  1. Anyone want to organize the “commute from Bay View to downtown at 8am each day” club”? (time negotiable, of course).

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