Milwaukee Getting Money for Beerline Trail and Pedestrain Plan

Governor Doyle announced that Milwaukee will be getting $784,000 to extend the Beerline trail from where it currently terminates at Keefe and Buffum north to Capitol Drive.  The money will be used to purchase the former railroad right-of-way and construct a multi-use asphalt path from Keefe to Capitol Drive.  The section of the Beerline Trail connecting Gordon Park to Riverboat Rd was recently completed and by all reports is very well used.

This is the last remaining section of the old rail line.  It will connect serve as a separated bicycle and pedestrian connection within the neighborhood as well as connect Riverwest residents with all the shopping and employment on Capitol Drive.  In a small way, maybe a trail will help spur Bicycle Oriented Development at the old Tower Automotive site.

The red area is the existing Beerline Trail that is undergoing a landscaping project now. The green is where the extension will be.

The City of Milwaukee also got $120,000 to create its first pedestrian master plan, and $1.04 million for a streetscaping project along Layton Blvd.  Below is the Governor’s general media release:

Governor Doyle Announces $32.5 Million in Funding for Transportation Enhancement and Bicycle and Pedestrian Projects
MADISON – Governor Jim Doyle today announced $32.5 million for 56 transportation enhancement and bicycle and pedestrian facilities projects across the state.  The funds will help complete bicycle and pedestrian-related projects, improvements to historic transportation structures, and downtown streetscaping efforts in communities throughout Wisconsin.  A complete community-by-community list of projects is linked below.“I am pleased to announce this funding to promote transportation alternatives in our state,” Governor Doyle said.  “These projects demonstrate the commitment of Wisconsin communities to strengthening our local and state economies and improving our overall quality of life.”The projects range in cost and scope from a $160,000 award to the city of Fond du Lac to provide pedestrian-friendly downtown streetscaping such as decorative lighting, median landscaping and pedestrian crossings, to $3,006,282 that will help the Dane County Parks Department construct the first phase of the Lower Yahara River Trail, connecting the city of Madison to the village of McFarland.The awards represent Transportation Enhancement and Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Program funds distributed to local public sponsors.  Projects require a minimum 20 percent local match.  Projects are evaluated based on federal and state eligibility criteria, metropolitan planning organization priorities, and recommendations made to the secretary of the state Department of Transportation.  Local officials will receive letters in 2012 notifying them of the next application cycle.For a complete list of projects announced today, visit:

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3 thoughts on “Milwaukee Getting Money for Beerline Trail and Pedestrain Plan

  1. I am new to daily bike commuting, but in the 4 months I have been doing it the improvements have been amazing. Beerline is a great path. I really appreciate all the thought and effort that has gone into making commuting safer (and may have had my life saved in the process).

  2. Nice, this is great to hear. This should help get more people on the trail, particularly since this stretch looks to be much more contiguous than the ‘older’ one (south of Keefe). Even though this leads almost directly to my office, it is considerably slower than the streets, because of the awkward intersection traverses and the big gap south of Burleigh. The new stretch south of Gordon Park is a veritable freeway though. Great work to everyone who pushed for this.

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