Friday Photos

Below are the only two photos I got from readers for the Friday Photo Contest. The Bern advert I am sharing after Shea shared it with me. Those were obviously taken by local photo great Pete D’Antoni. So I have to apologize to Earl, it was a nice idea to give away your DVDs to readers as part of this […]

Friday Photo Contest entries

Only a couple people have emailed photos for the Friday Photo Contest I announced on Sept. 17th at the suggestion of a regular reader who donated a bunch of DVDs.  I will post those photos I have now tomorrow, but if anyone else has any photos to share, send them my way.  Otherwise I may simply call […]

Wanted: Big Ideas

Milwaukee needs a few big ideas to take bicycling to the next level.  While our own local surveys told us this, my trip to New York City convinced me that regular bike lanes and trails in recreational corridors are nice, we need some really innovative bicycle facilities in key transportation corridors if we want to get […]