Streetfilms: National Bike Summit Ride

Streetfilms provides a more professional and broader perspective on the National Bike Summit ride that I shot in a previous post. It also offers some perspective on advocacy and lobbying, which is appropriate since our Wisconsin Bike Summit is April 19th in Madison.  This year more than ever it is important to go say the word “bicycle” to […]

Winter's last dying gasp?

I hope so.  I enjoyed you winter, but you have overstayed your welcome. Milwaukee averages 2.6 inches of snow in April, but I’m sure we can all recall some big storm that dumped a ton of unwelcome powder to cool our spring fever.  Winter seemed to return yesterday as the rain changed to freezing sleet on […]

Cycling City

I was reading a post titled “Bikes are Shoes” on Amsterdamize yesterday evening that referenced a great new (to me) online magazine called CyclingCity.  Check out the tag line and see if you don’t agree with me that it could be the official magazine of our new local group “52:” The Online Monthly Magazine for Urban Cyclists     No Matter What […]

Airport Parking Full? Not Quite

Today’s online edition of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that all the 12,000 parking spaces for automobiles at the airport and at the off-site lots are full  “due to a perfect storm of families on spring break and business travelers.” That is great news for the airport as a business.  Meg Jones reports that although Mitchell Airport recently added parking spaces, […]