Waterproof bike shoes

Foul weather bicycle commuting often seems difficult to those new to cycling for transportation.  Most recreational cyclists don’t ride when the weather is bad, so they don’t have bike clothing that keeps them warm without sweating in the winter or dry in a heavy rain.  Bicycle specific footwear for clipless pedals is the most problematic of bicycle specific clothing.  […]

Get your kicks(tand)

Kickstands are cool. OK, I admit that in my racing days when I weighed everything, from body parts to bicycle components, I used to take them off any bike that came with one.  But I have grown in years and wisdom and have become a real lover of a good kickstand. In the same way […]

"52" Meeting tonight

A reminder that tonight at 5:30 pm there will be a meeting at the Riverwest Public House, 815 E Locust St. for 52, the new coalition of people around Milwaukee who ride bicycles for transportation.  I will be there around 5 pm if anyone else wants to show up early. Also at the meeting will […]

Introspective Ride Home

A brief respite from the wonky policy posts of the last few days. Colors, or the lack of them, can have a powerful effect on the psyche. Pedaling home yesterday through the concrete canyon of downtown, my monochromatic outfit and the grey clouds overhead put me in an introspective mood.  My normally overactive brain seemed stuck in neutral.  The gears […]

Bike and Peds on the Hoan: it's the law.

If the Wisconsin DOT wants to use federal funds for the project, they may have to allow bicycles and pedestrians on the Hoan Bridge.  In 2010 the Federal Highway Administration released a general policy statement on including bicycle and pedestrian accomodations in highway projects: Policy Statement The DOT policy is to incorporate safe and convenient walking […]