The Hoan Repair: A conservative evaluation

A real conservative starts any discussion about a very expensive proposed public project with a few questions: First, how much will it cost? Second, how will we pay for it? In trying to answer those questions about the planned refurbishment of the Hoan Bridge, the WisDOT staff have estimated the repairs will cost between $275 million and $350 million.  A fiscally […]

My Dinner with Andreas, and your invited

You are invited to dine with the Cycloczar of Copenhagen, the Dave of Denmark, the world-famous Andreas Røhl, head of Bicycle Programs in the City of Copenhagen, Denmark.  Andreas has helped build a bicycle revolution in Copenhagen and create one of the world’s great bicycle cities. Andreas will be the keynote speaker at the Wisconsin Bike Summit […]

Now: 1% to walk and bike the Hoan, or forever hold your peace

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel recently reported that the “Hoan Bridge is poised for a 21st century makeover.” Gov. Walker announced that the three-year project to reconstruct the bridge will begin in 2013 will cost “taxpayers” upwards of $350 million, and along with the $7 million repairs going on right now, is intended to keep the bridge upright for the next 40-50 […]