Bakfiets and Bands in Hart Park

Chris and Everett rolling through the park.

Yesterday after work I rode down to Wauwatosa to see my pals in Semi-Twang and the Mike Benign Compulsion play at the great new bandshell in Hart Park as part of the Tosa Tonight Summer Concert Series. I roll up and have my first bakfiets (Dutch for Box Bike) sighting in the Milwaukee area!

For six years after visiting Copenhagen, Chris tried without success to import one of these dutch cargo bikes.  He had all but given up when he scored this Workcycles Bakfiets from Vince at the Dutch Bike Co. in Chicago.  That is the same place we bought our Workcycles Omafiets. On a side note, Chris commutes on a Pugsley, which means he has both bikes I want that I don’t have: a bakfiets and a snow bike!

This proven long-john design for cargo bikes has been around for decades.  Most people who try them can’t believe how well they ride compared to towing a trailer or even bikes with a long rear wheelbase based on the Xtracycle design. Since I had a chance to ride a Harry v. Larry last time I was in Chicago and now that there is a real Bakfiets in town, in the near future I will write a special post on OTB about cargo bikes. 

Chris and Everett and their 2-month old Workcycles Bakfiets.

There were plenty of other nice rides at the park. My old man of a Raleigh was lucky enough to hang with the three lovely ladies in the photo below left. That is my ’36 Raleigh, Liz’s Oma, Linsey’s new Pashley Britania (look for a feature about this bike soon), and Jill’s vintage French mixtie.

Who is that lucky old English gentleman and how did he get to hang out with those gals?


What's in your basket?


Of course both bands sounded great. The Mike Benign Compulsion rocked the bandshell before Semi-Twang.

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