Milwaukee's Second Bike Corral

With typical Milwaukee modesty, the owner of Nomad World Pub installed the City’s second on-street bike corral yesterday.  There was no ribbon cutting, speech or fanfare, just an awesome new Kojak approved spot to park your bike when you go out for a beer on Brady Street. Readers of OTB may remember that Alterra Coffee installed […]

Free Custom Commuter Bike

That’s right, you could win a $3,000 hand-built custom commuter bike from Black Sheep Bikes in Fort Collins, CO.  All you have to do to win this sweet ride is agree to donate your ’84 Dodge Neon (or similar rust bucket) to charity and accept a drool-worthy bicycle in return. I’m almost tempted to go […]

Commuter Paradise

I’m continually amazed that more people who ride bicycles for recreation still don’t take advantage of the awesome stress-free commutes available on our state trail systems. About 49% of Wisconsin residents ride bicycles for recreation, yet only about 1% use them to bike to work. While I understand that trails don’t go everywhere everyone needs […]