Planning for Better Bicycling

Bicycle Planning Just like a land use or comprehensive plan, a bicycle and pedestrian plan serves as a guide to making a community a more bicycle and pedestrian friendly place as the community undergoes new development or re-development and reconstruction. A plan can vary from a brief strategic plan to guide a community on how […]

Paying for Bicycle Facilities in Wisconsin

Bicycle & Pedestrian Funding Funding for bicycle infrastructure is a core component of our advocacy agenda. Bicycle infrastructure in Wisconsin is often viewed as a luxury or an afterthought, to be included only when the infrastructure for motor vehicles has been completed and perfected. Consequently, bicycle funding is often one of the first items in […]

Bike Wisconsin Blog

Bike Wisconsin is your news source for information about bicycling in the Badger State. We post information about advocacy issues, new trails, race updates, the latest safety statistics and review Wisconsin bicycle products. With more than 400 entries, all written within the last year, our blog is a great place to look for specific information. […]

What is the law anyway?

Many people remain confused about the laws that relate to riding a bicycle in Wisconsin. You can find a summary of most of the laws that relate to cycling in the post below. Vehicular Status The bicycle is defined as a vehicle. [340.01(5)] The operator of a vehicle is granted the same rights and subject […]