Shooting down misconceptions about bicycling

Even though very nearly half the adults in Wisconsin ride bicycles every year, most people have misconceptions about where bicycling fits into the world, particularly related to riding bicycles for transportation and paying for bicycle facilities like bike lanes and bike trails. Perhaps it is because some people ride bicycles for transportation and others only for […]

Meet Team 7-Eleven

Hopefully most of you readers will be able to meet the members of Team 7-Eleven at the Saris Gala in Madison. But, if for some incredibly important reason you can’t make the bicycle party of the year, you can meet the team in Geoff Drake’s new book, Team 7-Eleven  How An Unsung Band of American […]

What Does a Bridge in Milwaukee Mean for Bicycling in Wisconsin?

In April, Governor Scott Walker announced that the Hoan Bridge would be reconstructed beginning in 2013. The bridge reconstruction is estimated to cost between $275 and $350 million dollars, and when complete, is expected to last between 40 and 60 years. For years the possible bicycle and pedestrian accommodations on the Hoan Bridge have been […]