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Share & Be Aware is the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin’s statewide campaign to raise awareness among all road users that everyone would be much safer if all of us would obey all traffic laws at all times. For more information about the program, visit the Share & Be Aware page on our website here or click on the Share & Be Aware in the categories column to the lower right under our list of sponsors.


Share & Be Aware works to educate people about the need to leave 3 ft when passing bicycles.

September and October bring shorter and cooler days and that means the recreational walking and cycling season stars to slow down. Although Wisconsin has no shortage of year-round opportunities for walking and biking, the peak of the season has certainly passed.  Fewer events meant there was a reduced the demand for our Share & Be Aware Ambassadors.

However, thanks in large part to signage at Wisconsin Badger Home Football game’s Bike Valet station, Share & Be Aware indirectly reached over 25,000 people. There is also a Share & Be Aware billboard off of I-94 just south of the Milwaukee County line that is greatly helping to spread the message to highway drivers. As of yet, we do not have quantifiable data on the reach of this prominent billboard.

The changing season did trigger an increase in one category of vulnerable users on the road: kids. With children heading back to school the Share & Be Aware message was essential to protect the youngest walkers and bikers in the state. To celebrate International Walk and Bike to School Day and educate drivers about their legal responsibilities towards pedestrians, Ambassador Mathew Andrews appeared in a WQOW-TV18 news story. Mathew nearly earned his stripes as a WQOW feature reporter after being given 3 minutes of screen time to bring the Eau Claire audience the Share & Be Aware and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks messages.


Ambassador Barbara Connolly-Blick attended the Franklin Night Out to spread the word about Share & Be Aware.

Another group of young users will benefit from the newly released driver’s education curriculum. This one hour class features a powerpoint, pre and post tests, and videos to make it very easy for Driver’s Ed Instructors to implement. A presentation at the state conference for Drivers Ed Instructors was well received by 30 Driver’s Ed Instructors in October.

Sixty additional instructors stopped by the Share & Be Aware booth to receive materials and learn more. Those directly educated at the conference were part of a total of 2,051 people reached in September and October. You can view the same PowerPoint presentation and other drivers education materials on our Share & Be Aware page here.


Ambassador Barbara Connolly-Blick has a poster with facts about bicycling and walking that can be displayed on her trailer

As The Share & Be Aware program heads towards the off-season, ambassadors will plan for 2012 and focus on teaching classes and working with local committees on bicycle and pedestrian issues as appropriate. A 2012 Planning and 2011 Review session is planned for early November. The meeting will allow for an exchange of ideas, recommendations, and experiences that will make year two of the program even more successful.

As always, information on yard signs, billboards, and electronic copies of the Share & Be Aware PSAs are available at A Share & Be Aware Ambassador request can also be made with this online form, or email We can always use your help to get the messages heard.


Progress: Contacts

As summer came to a close, the number of direct education contacts fell in September and October relative to the peak summer months. However, indirect contacts rose to the highest level of the year in October, primarily due to the presence of Share & Be Aware at a bicycle valet parking event at a University of Wisconsin football game. The cumulative education contacts have steadily risen over the course of the season, with a total of nearly 74,000 total contacts. Click on any of the graphs below to see an enlarged image.


Progress: Events

The number of events Share & Be Aware was present at in September and October also declined relative to the peak season as there were fewer rides and other events to attend. The cumulative number of events continued to steadily rise, with a total of 227 events and classes over the course of the season.

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