Videos of Three Chicago Commutes

This week there were three very different videos published of bicycle commuting south of the Cheddar Curtain.  Taken as a group, I think they provide tremendous insight into the state of bicycle infrastructure in the United States and help to answer why less than one percent of people bike to work even though nearly half […]

The Cyclist's Guide to Surviving Winter in Wisconsin

I used to hate winter. Thinking about it during late summer or early fall would make my chest tighten up with anxiety. The cold, the snow, the darkness, the joyless three-hour rides on the trainer – I absolutely hated it. Especially after the football season ended. It’s taken me almost 20 years, but I think […]

Mustache Beach Ride Report

Sunday provided more evidence that the FatBike phenomenon is real and growing as 28 racers braved the cold and showed up for the Mustache Beach Race.  This is race #1 in the Wisconsin FatBike race series. This race was for FatBikes only, which means tires 3.7 inches wide or wider.  No skinny tires were allowed. […]

Sheboygan's Saturday Breakfast Ride

This guest post is by Dan Dittrich, owner of Sheboygan Bicycle Company.  This post appeared on his personal blog called Danos Modern Life.   If you would like to be a guest contributor to the Bike Fed’s blog, email our Communications Director Dave Schlabowske. Today’s HP (Happy Place) visit was a good one. Temps were […]