City of La Crosse embraces parkland

Thank you to the City of La Crosse Common council who voted unanimously Thursday evening to designate a 160 acre city property, part of La Crosse’s Blufflands, to forever be a park and not developed.

  • 4,500 supporters signatures
  • 1,100 Facebook Supporters
  •  100+ in attendance

Photo from the Save Upper Hixon Facebook.

A special thanks you to; Tim Keneipp for drafting and distrubuting the petition, Michelle Jerome for creating SAVE Upper Hixon Forest Facebook page, Jessica Ceason for the video Upper Hixon Forest.

Marvin Wanders and other area representatives worked diligently to educate council members on the impact of this land.  After a guided tour of the land and discovering its scenic beauty, economic impact and health benefits to the community, the council members referred to it as a “gem” and they were 100% behind preservation for the people of La Crosse to walk, bike, bird watch, ski, snowshoe and engage in other silent sports.  At the close of the public hearing a council member stated that he appreciated the “professionalism” and lack of “vengeance or animosity” from the parkland supporters.

Thank You to the City of La Crosse Common Council members, this is an affirmation to our community as to how important our land and our beautiful city is to us.

A quick take away for me from this process is that spending the time to reach out to elected officials through a respectful exchange of ideas can create your best allies.

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