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This is a quick update to let you know about some of the things the staff at the Bike Fed and our members have been doing over the last month to make Wisconsin an even better place to ride a bike. Apologies to the daily followers of this blog as, but most of the Bike Fed’s members are not regular readers, so this information is new to them.

If there is anything cycling related from your area that you would like to share on our blog, email you suggestions to our Communications Director Dave Schlabowske: dave.schlabowske@wisconsinbikefed.org. By reading the e-update here, you will be able to navigate easily between articles.

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– Join the Bike Fed for our Annual Membership Meeting during the 2012 Wisconsin Bike Summit!

This year, the Bike Fed will be holding our Annual Membership meeting during the Closing Session of the Bike Summit on February 21 at 5pm. Bike Fed members and other Summit attendees will receive an update on Bike Fed programs and financials, a celebration of our 2011 accomplishments, and our action plan for 2012. We’ll also announce our 2012 Board of Directors.

All Bike Fed members are encouraged to attend. To register for the Annual Membership Meeting/Closing Session or to sign up for the entire 2012 Wisconsin Bike Summit, please visit https://wisconsinbikefed.org/events/wisconsin-bike-summit/

If you have questions about the Annual Membership Meeting or the Wisconsin Bike Summit, contact Amanda White at amanda.white@wisconsinbikefed.org or (608) 251-4456 x1.


Join the Bike Fed Team: Share and Be Aware Ambassadors Wanted


Share and Be Aware Ambassadors serve as outreach and education specialists who encourage Wisconsinites to Share and Be Aware when driving, walking, or biking. We are hiring two Ambassadors to serve the Madison/SW region and Northwoods region. Share your passion for walking and biking for 20-35 flexible hours a week including weekends.  Pay is $12/hour.  See the full job description here.  Applications due February 20th.


Used Bicycles Needed

The Bike Fed operates a used bicycle repair shop out of North Division High School with a mission to teach high school aged youth to refurbish bicycles for use in our Safe Routes to School program at Milwaukee Public Schools. Each season we are in need of approximately 150 bikes to keep our SRTS fleet running and be able to give some bikes away to good students who participate in the SRTS program but do not own a bicycle. Our supplies are low so we are reaching out to the cycling community! Read More…


– Practicing my goodbye to all funding for bicycling

A couple of days ago there was a conference call set up by theAlliance for Biking & Walking to update advocates across the country on the status of the new Federal Transportation Bill. The bill has not been officially made public, but a number of sources have already reported on its contents and a long summary was leaked on Wednesday. To cut to the chase, the draft bill will not include any Transportation Enhancements or Safe Routes to School provisions, but may include a reduced Recreational Trails program. Read more…


– Bike Winter Events Listing

But before you put a leg over your bike, sign up to take the Winter Bike Week Challenge from February 12th through February 18th. Registration will open next week, so watch for an update on where to register via email, on the Bike Fed blog and Facebook. Read more…


– Making Paw Prints

Winter has finally arrived in southeastern Wisconsin, which gives me the chance to ride my Schlick Northpaw in its native habitat. On Saturday I got out for a 3 hour ride on the Wauwatosa mountain bike trails, and again on Sunday for a shorter ride with some other fatties. Read more…


– City of La Crosse embraces parkland

Thank you to the City of La Crosse Common council who voted unanimously Thursday evening to designate a 160 acre city property, part of La Crosse’s Blufflands, to forever be a park and not developed.

  • 4,500 supporters signatures
  • 1,100 Facebook Supporters
  •  100+ in attendance

Read more… 


– Age is an issue of mind over matter.

If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter -Mark Twain

I love it. The dictionary definition of “master” as an adjective is: Having or showing very great skill or proficiency. So just by being a cyclist over the age of 35, I am considered a “master”. Of course the other definitions are: The captain of a merchant ship or a man who has people working for him. Neither of which I would like to be associated with. Read more…


– Should we increase the cost of trail passes in Wisconsin?

We hear it all the time: “Bikes don’t pay their way.”  To the point, Tom Held, of the Journal Sentinel’s Off the Couch, shared this email he recently received:

“I’m 75 and when I was a kid I had a J.C. Higgins bike that cost less than $35.00, although I wanted a Schwinn. Every year I went to the city hall and paid fifty cents for my license plate. Woe to the rider who didn’t display one. Now, adult bicycle geeks don’t pay a dime but want all sorts of expensive concessions to their “sport”. Read more…


– Why Wisconsin Needs A Vulnerable User Law

These are the facts: On July 17th, an 18-year-old man lost control of his car while driving on Nicholson Road in Oak Creek, crossed the centerline and killed 56-year-old Sam Ferrito while he was riding his bicycle. The consequences for killing this innocent man are tickets for two minor moving violations. Read More…


– Santa Cycle Rampage turns 11 in 2011

It was 11 years ago that about a dozen year-round cyclists organized Milwaukee’s first Santa Cycle Rampage to spread holiday cheer while encouraging others to try riding bikes through the winter.  At the time, the idea of winter cycling was still new and strange to most of people in Milwaukee.  It was rare that I would see someone I didn’t know riding a bike in December. Read More…


– WisDOT: No Bikes On Hoan

This afternoon, the Wisconsin Dept. of Transportation released the announcement below that they will not accommodate bicycles or pedestrians on the Hoan Bridge.  While this is certainly a severe blow to the decade-long efforts to fill the missing link in the 162 mile long Lake Michigan Trail Network, the staff at the Bike Fed have not given up all hope. Read more…

City of La Crosse embraces parkland



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