Used Bicycles Needed

The Bike Fed operates a used bicycle repair shop out of North Division High School with a mission to teach high school aged youth to refurbish bicycles for use in our Safe Routes to School program at Milwaukee Public Schools. Each season we are in need of approximately 150 bikes to keep our SRTS fleet running and be able to give some bikes away to good students who participate in the SRTS program but do not own a bicycle. Our supplies are low, so we are reaching out to the cycling community! Please help us by donating your used bicycle to the Valid Shop and SRTS programs!

Types of bikes we need

  • BMX 20″ wheeled bikes, boys’ and girls’ styles
  • MTN bike 24″ wheeled bikes, boys’ and girls’ styles
  • Smaller sized 26″ wheeled MTN bikes in 13″-16″ frames, boys’ and girls’ style

If you live in the general Milwaukee area, donations can be dropped off at the Bike Fed’s new office location at 3618 W. Pierce St. weekdays from 9am-5pm. Please call ahead to let us know you’re coming and make sure someone will be there to meet you. Call Jake at 414-431-1798, ext.11

3 thoughts on “Used Bicycles Needed

  1. Dave, can anyone talk to DPW/Sanitation about this. Every time I go to self help “the dump” on Lincoln or Industrial rd there are bikes that would fit the bill in the metal dumpsters. I’d think that arrangments could be made to allow BFW (as a non-profit) the ability to maybe on Saturdays (busiest) have a Bike Fed employee or volunteer pull bikes for this program. Obviously the City would require that none of their labor be involved, and maybe some sort of liability waiver would be needed. I would probably be interested in volunteering to do that once a month or every other and load up whatever fits in my P/U. While recycling at the dump is good, repurposing is even more “Green”. Office of Sustainability maybe or the Bike & Ped coordinator? Oh, yeah, they don’t have one of those anymore : )

  2. Kitty-
    We are only accepting donations in the Milwaukee Area as of now.

    Ded Hed-
    That is one idea I haven’t really thought of for finding used bikes. At least worth looking into, I have a feeling they wont let us actually crawl around the dump but maybe as people show up in a truck and we see it maybe they’d be willing to let us take it instead of the couple dollars for scrap. Thanks!

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