Enter the Valid Wheel Cave

The old storage system.

The Valid Bike Shop at Milwaukee’s North Division High School got some much needed improvements in the past month. Assistant Shop Manager Brandy, helped to design and build a large wooden “Wheel Cave” to organize our spares. Constructed from pine and red bike hooks, we built a modular framing system that now stores almost 200 wheels of varying sizes in a neat and orderly fashion.

We even ended up having some spare supplies and were able to build a great little accompaning tube rack.  These two new additions will help the kids at the shop work more efficiently and better monitor our wheel stock levels, not to mention making the shop look and feel more professional.  We are still in need of child sized MTN bikes and BMX bikes to refurbish. Contact Jake Newborn at 414-431-1798 x11 to coordinate drop off times.

The Valid Bike Shop is housed at Milwaukee Public Schools North Division High School on Center Street in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The shop is a workforce training site that teaches bicycle mechanic skills, frame building and leadership skills. The shop is a partnership between Milwaukee Public Schools, the Milwaukee Workforce Investment Board, the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin and but gets support from many. To see more of the shop and how it operates, check out this Valid Bike Shop YouTube video.


Brandy putting up one of the walls he built.

Neat and organized!

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