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This is a quick update to let you know about some of the things the staff at the Bike Fed and our members have been doing over the last month of February to make Wisconsin an even better place to ride a bike. Apologies, but February was a busy month, so there is a lot to scroll through below.

If there is anything cycling related from your area that you would like to share on our blog, email you suggestions to our Communications Director Dave Schlabowske: dave.schlabowske@wisconsinbikefed.org. By reading the e-update here, you will be able to navigate easily between articles.

We have tried to make this update easy to skim. Just scroll down and click any hyperlinked headline or “read more” below to be taken directly to that article.  Read as much as you want and use simply your browser’s back button to return here to click on and read a different article.

News from Membership:

Did you know your Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin membership card offers you free discounts all over Wisconsin?

Vidappe is a free iPhone/Android app that will alert you of all the member discounts you can use in real-time. Get close to a discount, get an alert – “10% off clothing, accessories, and parts at Wheel & Sprocket a block away.” Check it out at Vidappe.com.  We are working on updating all merchant’s discounts in the upcoming weeks, so download the app so you won’t miss out! Join or renew today to make sure you can take advantage of these valuable discounts.

Come and meet the Bike Fed Staff at these two fun bike sales in Madison and Milwaukee!  This is a great opportunity to join the Bike Fed or renew your membership and get a special deal!  You can also share your Bike Fed pride by purchasing some sweet merchandise, including Bike Fed shirts, Wisconsin regional bike maps, State Trail passes, and jerseys.

Bike O Rama – Alliant Energy Center, Madison, March 9-11th – Join or renew and you will get a $10 off coupon to use on a future purchase at Budget Bicycle Center or Machinery Row Bicycles.  Coupon does not apply to purchases at Bike O Rama and expires 5/31/12.

Bike Expo – Wisconsin Expo Center at State Fair Park, Milwaukee, April 5-8th – Join or renew and you will get a $10 off coupon to use on your Bike Expo purchase.

New!  Volunteer your way to a Bike Fed membership!

This Spring, we are working to create more opportunities for you to volunteer with the community so that together, we can move bicycling forward in Wisconsin. In appreciation of all the hard work and dedication our volunteers provide, we want to acknowledge this amazing support by providing a Bike Fed membership in return.

By volunteering ten hours or more within three months, you can receive a free annual Bike Fed membership.  To get more information on the perks of being a Bike Fed member, please click here.

Ready to get involved?  Listed below are our current volunteer opportunities. You can find more information about these positions on our Volunteer Page.


  • Ped and Pedal Network Notetaker
  • Bike Fed Reporter


  • Data Sleuth
  • Bike Fed Booster
  • Fed Friends Nite


  • Bike Fed Booster
  • Share & Be Aware Assistant

You can always find ways to get involved in your community on our Volunteer Page. Check back often for new opportunities!

2012 Wisconsin Bike Summit – An inspiring and Successful Day

The Bike Fed’s 4th Annual Wisconsin Bike Summit was a big success. Nearly 400 bike enthusiasts from every corner of the state made the trip to our Capitol to learn about bicycle infrastructure and programming, share success stories, and meet with their elected officials to support cycling  and ensure every ride we take in Wisconsin safe, enjoyable, and fun. Read more…

Nearly 400 bike enthusiasts made a stand for bicycling at the 4th Annual Wisconsin Bike Summit last week. Our important message was heard by legislators and leaders representing every corner of Wisconsin! We asked for two very important opportunities to improve bicycling in Wisconsin: Passage of Vulnerable Users Bill and creation of a consistent, dedicated state funding source for bicycling. When not visiting with legislators, Summit participants attended informative, dynamic educational sessions ranging in topics from bicycling infrastructure design to how to educate leaders on why bicycling is beneficial. If you missed this year’s Summit, you can find session presentations, resource sheets, and pictures posted on our website. Thank you to those who participated and showed your dedication to Wisconsin bicycling!

Take the 2012 Wisconsin Bike Challenge!

This year’s 2012 Wisconsin Bike Challenge will begin on May 1st and run through August 31st… plenty of time for you to rack up those bicycle miles for the potential to win an awesome prize! Last year’s inaugural Challenge was a huge success with 4,000 participants who logged over 1.2 million bicycle miles. This year, our goal is to achieve 2 million bicycle miles. The Challenge is going national in 2012, so we need you to take the Challenge and help us show Iowa, Illinois, and all the other states that Wisconsin is the #1 state for bicycling!

We will launch our Challenge sign-up in early March. Stay tuned to our Challenge webpage for further details!

2012 Wisconsin Bike To Work Week Dates Announced!

The 2012 Wisconsin Bike To Work Week will take place in communities across Wisconsin May 13 – 19. The Bike Fed will once again be offering communities a template for a Bike To Work Week poster that can be edited to include local information. We will have the poster within a Bike To Week Toolkit available at our website in mid-March.  We’d also love to support your community Bike To Work Week events by highlighting them on our website. Please send your list of events to Dave Schlabowske at dave.schlabowske@wisconsinbikefed.org.

2012 Planning Projects

The Bike Fed and Alta Planning + Design will be hard at work developing bicycle plans for four communities in the coming months. The Bike Fed and Alta will be preparing bicycle and pedestrian plans for Door County, Shawano County and the City of Whitewater and a bicycle plan for Kenosha County. These plans will set the vision and priorities for improving bicycling in these diverse areas of Wisconsin.

Alta Planning + Design is the leading bicycle and pedestrian planning firm in the country. With an office in Madison, Alta brings extensive expertise in bicycle planning from around the country and around the globe. This experience combines with the Bike Fed’s local knowledge and relationships to produce plans that are comprehensive, visionary, and achievable.

Work on the plans mentioned above will kick off in March or April. If you live in one of these communities and are interested in staying up to date, keep your eyes open for meeting announcements, or email Kevin Luecke at kevin.luecke@wisconsinbikefed.org.


The Alliance, Bikes Belong and the League to Merge

Last week the Alliance for Biking & Walking, the League of American Bicyclists and Bike Belong jointly announced their collective intention to merge the three organizations into a single national organization. This is big, big news. Read more…

Small Town Wins Big National Award

Omro Middle School is one of only two schools in the country to receive the 2011 James L. Oberstar Safe Routes to School Award. Read more…

50 years seeking balance

Today is my 50th birthday. Looking back on half a century, the course of my life has wandered and weaved like a child on a bike learning to keep balance and stay upright. Read more…

“Bicyclists are some of the most self centered, inconsiderate, reckelss people on the roads”

We know that people on bicycles do not violate the laws in any greater numbers than people who drive cars. Yet, no matter how many times we say that, no matter how many innocent law abiding victims are killed, despite all the traffic engineering and crash studies that prove otherwise, many people still believe statements like the headline above. Read more…

Winter-Bike-To-Work-Week…Madison Style

As the mercury drops and snowflakes fall, many cyclists put their steeds to bed for the winter. Not so for a group of riders part of Madison Bike Winter (at this point over 730 strong). Read more…

Ped & Pedal Network: February Call Notes

As evidence of our ongoing love for biking and walking, the Bike Fed celebrated Valentine’s Day by hosting a Ped & Pedal Network Call. If you missed the V Day network call, we have provided the minutes of the call below. If you love biking and walking as much as we do, join us for the next one! Read more…

Job Posting: Join our Ambassador Team

We are looking to hire Share and Be Aware Ambassadors in Madison and Northwoods Areas. If you have some extra time between May and October and would like to earn some extra cash, join the Bike Fed team as a Share and Be Aware Ambassador. Read more…

New Board of Director Members Announced

The Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin Board of Directors is excited to announce the following new members to the Board of Directors. Each of these members will serve a 3 year term. Read more…

Team Growlers Snowbike Race

On my to-do list for sure this year was to make the trip to northeast Wisconsin and set wheels on the trails of the Bear Paw Inn and the surrounding area near Langlade and White Lake.  It has been no secret that the folks up there have been developing miles of singletrack more than worthy of rolling the fat bike over.   Read more… 

Saying something doesn’t make it true

It could be that Speaker John Boehner never read the story of Pinocchio, or maybe a life in politics has taught him that if you repeat an untruth often enough, a significant percentage of the population will believe it. Read more… 


I was reminded of the inescapability of life’s cycles from the moment I woke up yesterday to the time I fell asleep. My day began as usual at 5:15 am when my wife’s alarm went off. I typically get out of bed a few minutes after so she can use the shower first. Yesterday, my usual routine changed when Liz came back upstairs to tell me our cat Mojo had died. Read more…

House Transportation Bill Reverses Decades of Progress


If you are a member of any other bicycle organization, you may have received the call to action email below. This is a serious erosion of the traditional funding sources for bicycle projects. Wisconsin is lucky to have two members of the House Transportation Committee that originated this bill. On Monday, the Bike Fed sent targeted emails asking our members in Rep. Tom Petri‘s and Rep. Reid Ribble‘s districts to contact their congressmen and tell them to save funding for bicycling. Read more…


About Dave Schlabowske, Deputy Director

Dave was the first full-time staff member hired to open the Bike Fed's Milwaukee office 15 years ago. A former professional photographer and life-long Milwaukee resident, Dave likes wool, long rides, sour beer, and a good polar vortex once in a while.

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