Ray's and Fat-bike.com Get National Pub

Don’t think you have the opportunity to hop on your bike in the winter?

Milwaukee’s own Ray’s Indoor Mountain Bike Park and Greg Smith of Fat-bike.com and Schlick Cycle fame just got some great national press on winter riding from none other than the New York Times. Read the article and watch the video here.

About Kevin Hardman, Former Executive Director

Kevin is the former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed. He lives in Wauwatosa with his wife and three daughters. Kevin is happiest on a bike, any type of bike!

2 thoughts on “Ray's and Fat-bike.com Get National Pub

  1. I am glad to see that Schwinn still exits. I understand that the connection between the Interurban trail in Ozaukee county and downtown Milwaukee will be a paved off road trail near Lake Michigan. Is that true???

    • Joseph. Milwaukee County is working on their portion of that connection, which will be done in several phases. Part of it still involves acquiring real estate from the railroad, which is a lengthy process, but will happen. I think the connection will be finished in 2-3 years, but some of it will be done before that. The village of Brown Deer has already constructed their portion of that connection. You can see the route of the future connection on page 10 of the City of Milwaukee Off-street Trail study the Bike Fed did about 6 years ago: http://city.milwaukee.gov/ImageLibrary/User/milbtf/Final_report.pdf

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