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Matthew Busche is a third year professional cyclist, the current US National Road Race Champion, a member of the RadioShack-Nissan-Trek professional cycling team AND he is from Wisconsin and his brother and dad currently race on Milwaukee’s Velo Trocadero squad, a team I started with a friend about a decade ago. Since I am way to slow to race anymore, Matthew was kind enough to share some of his stories racing the pro circuit in Europe with his Wisconsin fans to add some zip to our Bike Fed blog. 

Sadly, today’s first post is not of victory. You can read more of Matthew’s posts on his personal blog “On the Road Again” or wish him bonne chance in his future races via his Twitter account.


Well, the end to Volta Catalunya was less than ideal for me. I crashed on the final descent about 2.5km from the finish. It makes me incredibly frustrated to think about it, but I am looking at the positives of everything to help me get through it.

First of all, I came out of the crash with minimal injury, just the usual road rash and bruising/soreness. I was back on the bike already today, a little sore in my hip and elbow, but it was good to try and spin things out. The other positive I am remembering to help me pass over the crash is that I felt good during the race. I had good sensations on the bike, and I feel like I had some really good moments of progression toward the next level, immediately and long term. I think my training has begun to pay off, so the race efforts will help me move up to the next level right away.

For the future, I think I made some steps forward in my ability to navigate the peloton and fight for position at important moments during the race. It is truly a skill that does not just come over night. I hope that I can continue to build upon the fitness and skills I gained during the race to be a better racer.

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