Washington vs. Wisconsin

It is important to think of the Bike Summit not as an isolated lobbying effort, but as one big battle in the long fight to define bicycling as an important national interest that deserves equitable funding along with the other modes of transportation. The face-to-face meetings the 23 bicycle advocates from Wisconsin had with our […]

800 Messengers

Today is what the National Bike Summit is all about. This morning, as you read this post, more than 800 people will ride bikes to Capitol Hill to carry the message that cycling is a simple, inexpensive solution to many of our nations’ problems. Each year, the number of bicycling advocates who come to Washington for […]

Windy City Annouces Big Bike-Share Program

Today Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced plans to introduce an ordinance to the City Council to enter into an agreement with Portland, Oregon-based Alta Bicycle Share, Inc. to operate Chicago’s first large-scale bike-sharing program, which is envisioned as a new, affordable option to complement existing transportation choices. Alta beat out home town favorites B-cycle (and […]