Chorizo Lawn Gnome

A second sausage related post in one day!

Our new Milwaukee office has some very distinct advantages: it’s a large, welcoming place for our members, it’s right on the Hank Aaron State Trail, it’s got ample bike parking AND it’s 1/4 mile from Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers.

Last week the Brewers ran a promotion that placed hundreds of Klement’s Racing Sausage Chorizo Lawn Gnomes outside for anyone to take. These free lawn gnomes were a windfall for the many Milwaukee-area Bike to Work Participants. I received the following from Bike Fed Member Fred Robinson:

Kevin, on 5/15 I was biking to work on the Hank Aaron trail and came upon this Chorizo Lawn Gnome. I would not have had this kind of fun in a car on the freeway. Thanks Bike Fed for organizing Bike to Work Week.

About Kevin Hardman, Former Executive Director

Kevin is the former Executive Director of the Wisconsin Bike Fed. He lives in Wauwatosa with his wife and three daughters. Kevin is happiest on a bike, any type of bike!

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